Thursday, 18 February 2010

Quick update...

Life's been busy here in the Isa, from Jesse starting school to cooking & sewing and just life in general my blogging's gone by the wayside so after a quick nudge from the family here i am sharing our life with you :)

Jesse's taken starting school totally in his stride, he gets up, gets dressed in his uniform, puts his lunch in his bag and tidies his room all before i even get out of bed! Then he patiently plays his Leapstar or reads books till my alarm goes off so he can have breakky and we make our way to school.

Lily's adjusting well too, she gets time with mummy all to herself and can play with toys without being bossed about by big brother- however she does ask about him still especially at lunch even at week four of the school term.

All in all school is going great, the teachers are lovely and Jesse has of course already made a heap of friends. I'm totally thanking God for having a hand in this as i've seen so many kids crying and just being anxious about this stage in their lives, knowing who we are in God gives us all the confidence to take those big steps in life right?

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As i mentioned above i've been doing a bit of sewing, made my first dress and was totally bitten my the bug! This condition isn't helped by having a cute model either I'm afraid...
Then of course a family has to eat and since last year Lalo indulged me with a beautiful new camera i have to make the most of it and food is the perfect subject! It stays still and allows me to move it to better lighting without the incessant whinging and fake smiles for those mouthwatering images that will in turn make my siblings wish they lived closer to me LOL!

Ok, for the Australia Day holiday Lalo arranged for us to go to a property 1/2 an hour from Mt Isa and rough it up for a night with good ol' country hospitality. Of course i see this as photo ops with the green lawns and rustic look to the place...


but alas it wasn't to be... Lily was teething and for a baby that doesn't normally cry much she made up for it this time! So behold the lovely scenery at least...

6419 copy


And as for Jesse... well he was more interested in the pigs!

Now for some snaps from around the house...



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Till next time :)


  1. LOL I love how the ones of Lily crying tell a great story! haha love reading your updates even though I hear them also!

  2. So enjoy your blog and the pictures:) You are a blessing

  3. I think Lily is getting cuter as she grows, if that's possible! Love the pics, love love love the dresses you made, especially the one in the middle. Have you made a matching dress for you and her yet??!! Ha ha. xo

  4. Love the pics. Colours and editing are awesome. You need to write some tutorials.

    Nice job.


  6. if that's possible! Love the pics, love love love the dresses you made, especially the one in the middle.

    thanks for sharing...
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