Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Straight to the point...

For those of you not on so much on the Facebook scene I'll make this a super quick photo share about our goings ons (is that a word?) since the last time i shared. So lets get to it (and these are in no particular order)...

In the last month Jesse has started soccer

7280 copy

We went to Townsville and stopped at the usual Kronosaurus Dinosaur pit stop in Richmond

7170 copy

7187 copy

Lily's still modeling my sewing creations quite happily

7231 copy

Jesse had a pirate party at school after doing a unit of it at school... No not a unit of piracy as such but learning about treasure and ships and the like

7129 copy

We visited the old township of Mary Kathleen which has the abandoned uranium mine now filled with water, the colour of the water is even more amazing than what it looks!

7430 copy

7393 copy

We dyed some hard boiled eggs as an Easter activity...

7466 copy

Lily was just happy to get to eat them after the dying process ^_^


I had a birthday, thanks for your calls and pressies MWAH!!


And the most recent chapter is that of our caterpillars that Jesse found on the orange tree! We started with 4 in the cage, and two cocoons, we now have one very fat caterpillar and the two cocoons still going strong. I hope to get to show you some exciting pics of emerging butterflies in the coming weeks, or maybe moths as has been the running joke with my known 'love' for the little critters!

7477 copy

7449 copy

7517 copy

So there you have it my loyal subjects in a nutshell these are the days of our lives. Now just because i can i'd like to show you my favourite photo of the week for now- i had my trusty close up set on my camera trying to get a glimpse of a caterpillar inside a cocoon and Miss Lily came up to be so...

7479 copy

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