Monday, 9 August 2010

As promised...

Or threatened- whichever way you look at it :) here are the rodeo photos from 'Mt Isa Rodeo 2010'

This year I really enjoyed playing around with my new lens and got some great in action captures, those guys out there are unbelievably brave (and or stupid LOL)! Of course there's also the captures of the kiddies that just melt my heart and makes me laugh at the same time. They're so big and so darn cute! LOL, mummy goggles are out and on big time!

Here you go :)




Oh... and for those of you who think Lily makes it easy for me when asked to pose here are the commands i was giving her from left to right:

"Stand there and look at mummy"... "Stay right there with your eyes closed so i can see your face".... "can you put your hands on your hips?"



  1. Love it!!! So glad we could enjoy the rodeo with you and your family!

  2. I demand larger photos! These are great sis!

  3. very cute :)
    Does she want a pony now??


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