Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hello... Long time no see :-)

I thought it was time that you see me again and find out what we've been up to in the last... ummm...3 plus months?? Yes it has been a while *blush*

Ok, here's our last 3 months in a nutshell:

First let me start with the InspireMe photography workshop I attended in May, i'd been saving and planning for this event for almost a year and it was totally worth it! Sadly I neglected to take as many photos as i should've have of the amazing accommodation we stayed in probably because i was too busy laughing and goofing with Rowena whom i go waaaaay back with & Heidi who i met the night before the workshop but the three of us just clicked like lifelong friends and the fun began!For now here's just a quick show of the time i had there- i might dedicate a proper post to this in the next few days so here you go:


After what Lalo called my 'fantasy camp' (and in effect it totally was- no kids, no hubby and no cooking! YEAH!)he and the kids drove to Townsville to pick me up and we all had a bit of a family holiday...


In between all of that we've also done the everyday stuff that takes up up precious time too...


and last but certainly not least we had a great visit from the Abideens just a week or so ago (i'm still finding clothes to be sent back in what might be a shipping container!)...


More photos from their photoshoot will be featured on the photography blog in case you're interested :)

Ok, well there you have it! A super fast catch up on our lives for you and stay tuned coz it's rodeo weekend so i'm bound to have more to share soon :)


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